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Simiancage Ark Servers & Community


Simiancage has a long history spanning back around 2000, we originaly started as a clan and progressed into a community playing cs1.6 (cstrike) and have carried on into the future running servers for CS:S, TF2 L4D2 and CS:GO. However with the ever crushing VALVE killing off the gaming community we decided to find new games to build a new comunity on.

We now have members playing BF.. Elite Dangerous, Overwatch and ARK Evolved hence the reason you are here.


Servers & Info

We currently run 2 Ark servers:

  • Simiancage Mods <> x5 Harvest-Resource-Tame <> PVE
  • Simiancage <> x5 Harvest-Resource-Tame <> PVE


Mods Server currently is in trial and has tyhe following mods:

  • S+ structures (very helpfull for building making foundations and snap points easier)
  • OCD Storage boxes (much more stackable and carry alot more)


Default server has no mods atm but like the mods server does have some server variables changed to make harvesting, taming resource regrowth much more friendly to get ahead on the early levels.


Teamspeak 3


We have public channels on our Teamspeak server which all ARK players are more than welcome to join, we are more than happy to help out with any queries or generaly chat about ARK and/or our servers.

IP: port




Please if you get time please visit our main forums page @ and register, you will then be able to suggest new ideas for the servers or ask for information about them, I will when time permits exspand this page to give more information but for now the easiest way is to just ask a member of simiancage.


Respect others, have fun and enjoy!