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Family Summer Lan 2017 (FSL17)

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    Oh balls I'm at Boomtown Festival that weekend


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      Originally posted by D3vilfish View Post
      Date moved to the 11th to the 13th of Agust
      Just confirming you all know the date.


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        we got an attendance list?

        also, bagsy the corridor again


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          Badnews everyone LAN is cancelled due to late running building work. Start looking at dates for later in the year. Anyone that has paid will get a refund or if they are ok for the next one it will carry over.

          Sorry Nick it has been a frantic couple of weeks as I am refurbishing the house next door to the hall at short notice in addition to trying to get the Hall windows project under way.
          The stone mason has started 8 days late on the main part and wasn't able to do the prep work at Whitsun half term. I was hoping he'd have the windows out and boarded next week but we are currently a mess with scaffolding and supports everywhere. He hasn't turned up today either.

          I am afraid we need to cancel as I don't know whether we will be operational.


          Adrian Dale


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              Might not be cancelled, just moved. I'm getting some quotes for nearby halls for the same (next) weekend.

              Might require some additional dollah (trying to minimise this as much as possible!), and might not have great, or any, internet access, but dammit I *NEED* to have a drinking/gaming weekend away before I lose my mind!

              Can I get a show of hands before I commit to spending money - who'd be ok with this, and who's not?

              Y - Brainlag
              Y - Pleb
              Y - Tim
              Y - Pete
              ? - Dev
              ? - George
              ? - AJ
              ? - Honda
              ? - PG
              ? - Smokey
              ? - Doggy
              ? - Clint
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                I have found exactly one place that can have us next weekend including overnights, and it's not a bad price. However it's nowhere near Chelveston.

                North Nibley Village Hall, a bit northeast of Bristol, has quoted £325 for the weekend. 3 to 6:45pm Friday in the meeting room, then moving to the big room once the yoga class ends

                Yay or nay?

                EDIT: Price is £325, not £375
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