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LAN October 2016 - What do you need?

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  • LAN October 2016 - What do you need?

    So I've dug this out of the archives, some of it may be out of date but I'm sure you will get the jist for those who need it

    October LAN -Info

    Here is the location map for the LAN. Zoom me in & out!! Put it on satellite view and you can see the hall! The address is on the left of the map.

    A Reminder for those that have yet to pay, The cost for the weekend is £25 which I shall collect when you arrive, but would prefer payment via PayPal sooner


    Start time will be 18:00 Friday 7th Ocotober, we won't have access before then so try not to be too early.

    We will aim to be finished no later than 13:00 on Sunday 9th Ocotober. (we are generally out between 12:00 and 12:30)

    What You Need To Know

    you will need to bring the following:
    1. Your PC, monitor and ALL associated cables. - MANDATORY
    2. All games discs that you want to play
    3. A 4 way adapter (extension lead for 4 plugs) - MANDATORY
    4. Money to pay me if you still need to pay and for food, snacks and drinks. If you are bringing your own food, don't forget we will have a take away or BBQ on Saturday night.
    5. On the morning of the 7th please start steam, log on to our server, download any updates that may happen, and then disconnect as you normally do. Do Not log out of Steam. If you don't you may not be able to play at the LAN. (Open the Steam settings, and on the 'account' tab make sure the box marked 'Don't save account info on this computer' is NOT ticked.

    you may like to bring the following:-
    1. A sleeping bag or quilt.
    2. A blow up bed or camping mattress - the floor is hard!
    3. A change of clothes and some wash gear - no one likes a smelly!
    4. Blank discs should you wish to burn any freeware or shareware that you may find! - Or USB sticks or just network across and copy
    5. Crisps, drinks, pot noodles etc to keep you going until someone goes to the supermarket.

    The toilet/washroom facilities are very basic so don't expect the Ritz. As the ladies are staying in the hall this time the relative luxury of the Ladies toilet will not be accessible to us blokes!

    Any questions ask now, better to be safe than sorry!8)

    Use this thread for any final questions you might have or for any advice/things I have forgotten to mention!

    See you Friday

    (copied from last time but info is relevant)