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2018 Lans/Family Monkey Meeting

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  • 2018 Lans/Family Monkey Meeting

    We have booked the following Dates for 2018:
    13th to the 15th April
    24th to the 27th August (bank holiday)
    Both have access from 3pm to 1pm on the beginning and ending dates.
    These are not changeable, please contact Soupdragon for payment.

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    I am good for the April date sweet 😊


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      I'm good for April


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        Both are fine....... so far, nothing happening work wise, btw, is still £3.50? like the last time I went


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          I've said already on TS/Whatsapp but I can do either or both


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            I should be at the April one, doubt i'll make August bank holiday though, but never say never


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              OK folks, 5 weeks to go so here is the 'send me money post'

              Due to the cancellation of the last LAN some of you lucky people have already got some credit for this one, I will list below.

              However, I have recieved the invoice and email from the secretary of the hall and the price has risen over the past 2 years please see his email:

              Thanks Nick,

              Your formal booking details will come through shortly.

              There has been a change to the charging system and rates since 2016 following a review in early 2017. We bill by the hour normally at £11.00/hr for non-residents. However for gaming weekends, we give a discount of 32% and bill at the special whole weekend rate of £7.50/hour.

              For the 46 hours from 15:00 on Friday to 13:00 on Sunday, this comes to £345. We then have an external cleaner who comes in and inspects and deep cleans everything back the state it was when you received it. The cleaner bills at £10.00/hr and normally the cleaning after your session takes 2.5 hours. We would therefore expect the final invoice to be around £370. However, we now add a security and cleaning deposit to the invoice of £50.00. This covers us for any unexpected issues and costs arising. We have never had any issues with your group but we have to treat every hirer the same following some problems last year.

              At the end of the hire, we work out the actual number of hours used and the actual time required to clean to work out the final invoice. If you arrive after 3pm on the Friday or leave before 1pm on the Sunday, then the difference in hire fees is refunded. Equally if you run over, extra hire is charged. Similarly, if cleaning takes less than 2.5 hours, then the balance is refunded. If it takes longer, the cleaning charge increases. Provided there are no other issues, the deposit is adjusted to reflect actuals and is refunded the next day.

              We hope to have a new integrated sound system installed the week before you arrive. This will be linked to the projector and can be used for films or playing music.

              Hope this all works for you.

              Adrian Dale
              This unfortunately means that we need more people attending or those that do need to chuck in a few more quids I have to send £420 but hopefully we will get at least £50 back. We do have a few pounds in the kitty which I will use for the deposit but we need to fund the £370 between us.

              Those that have paid for last time and the amounts are:
              Brainlag £25
              Dogleg £30
              AJ £45
              Clint £30

              IPD, Smokey and Honda have been donating various amounts over the past year and have more than enough credit to cover their attendance.

              If you think you paid for the cancelled LAN and I have missed you please let me know and I will go back and check the paypal/bank accounts

              Please can you all confirm if you are attending and I will work out the final price once I get confirmed numbers. As I said at the top, only 5 weeks to go so I need to sort this out over the next 3 weeks in order to pay the invoice.


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                Confirmed attendance.........unfortunately for you usual can i pay on the day? I am going to be on a late shift on the friday so will have to come straight from work.


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                  I'll be going


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                    OK list of attendees so far:
                    Soup - paid
                    Honda - paid
                    Brain - paid
                    Willz - paid
                    Bart -
                    Pete -
                    Doggy - paid
                    Clint - paid
                    IPD - paid
                    Smokey? - paid
                    Recoil - paid
                    AJ - paid
                    PG - paid
                    Imp -

                    the lucky 13, so the cost will be £30 minimum. Some of you have sent more and i am hoping you're ok with the extra staying in the coffers - could be used for bacon sarnies on the sunday??

                    if i have missed anyone or not marked you paid when you have please let me know.


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                      Sarnies on Sunday sounds great!!


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                        Mmmm donuts....


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                          I’m happy to leave the extra in, what’s with the ? By my name though?


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                            you said on whatsapp you weren't 100% you were attending that's all


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                              Is it too early for a barbecue? Or shall we just get Dev bladdered so he buys us all food at the Star & Garter?