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Hey guys, need some advice.

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  • Hey guys, need some advice.

    Hi all from the other side of the world - really missing gaming with you guys.

    Was just hoping for some advice. Vix and I will both be looking to get new computers at some point in the near future but as a bit of a stopgap I decided to put some additional memory for mine. Ordered 8GB RAM (2x4) which I installed in my desktop. As I then had 4GB (2x2) RAM just sat there decided to put it in Vix's computer. Initially everything seemed fine but then her computer just started randomly powering down and re-starting. No idea why this is happening.

    Both our computers use DDR3 RAM so it's not that. I'm pretty sure that the RAM itself is ok - As I'm typing this my original RAM is running quite happily in Vix's PC and obviously her old RAM was working just fine. Have swapped them around - no issues. Issue only seems to arise when I put both pairs in.

    Power issue? I really don't know.....

    As I said we're both looking toward new rigs but any advice in the meantime would be great.


    Mike aka ICIP

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    Go into the BIOS and check the memory is showing up right alll the sticks are the same and all the memory setting are all on auto 1st


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      Hi IPD,

      Did that already - everything seems to check out in BIOS. I've got it running with 6GB and it's totally stable. Doesn't seem to matter which combination of RAM I use or which sockets - thought at one point one of the sockets may be at fault. Just seems when I hit that 8GB mark it doesn't like it.

      I've tried every combination I can think of. Basically can do whatever I want so long as I leave it at 6GB. System specs suggest maximum board will take is 4 per slot so should be well within that.

      No idea what's happening - just goes into a cycle of rebooting. Will be stable and working for maybe 5 mins then power down/immediately power up.


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        could be a short or something like that in the mem slots on board (eg fine when only 1 / 2 slots used, but more causes a small short after a while (heat expand connection, causing short?)).

        Not sure, but if it only happens when all the mem slots are filled that could be a good indication.