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  • Kodi

    Started using Kodi sideloaded on a amazon firestick and its been great, access to alot of tv channels that I cant even get on my paid for tv pack through my tv/internet supplier.

    Going to list instructions (there are several utube and websites that have step by step instructions) on the easiest way to install on firestick. However Kodi can be loaded into pc, android, linux to name a few and these instructions can be used as a rough guide.

    Change fire settings
    Goto Settings/System/Developers Options and then enable Apps from Unknown Soources
    Go back to home screen and search for ES File explorer and install
    Open ES file explorer select favourites then select add
    In path put in name put whatever Kodi for instance the select add
    Scroll down favourites and select kodi which will take you to kodis download page, from here if you are putting on a firestick select Android arm version and download* (at this point I had trouble downloading via the explorer and eventualy added via ftp I shall explain how todo this latter)
    Once downloaded select open file and then install, there are a few prompts which you will have to OK them to continue
    Kodi should now be installed on your fire stick and is located under settings/applications/manage installed applications/kodi

    *FTP access to download apps

    for ease of use I turned on the remote manager
    Open es explorer and from the quick launch select Network/Net Manager then turn on the remote manager
    This will then display its ip address and port which you can then ftp to via any good ftp client to transfer files to the stick.

    When I get time I will also add instructions to install firestarter which is a great app for easy access to kodi and newly installed apps, also instructions on installing repositories whish is the easiest way to get new apps from the web, unfortunatley due to a facebook group called Team Anonymous some of the best Kodi dev's have pulled support, hopefully this will get resolved in the near future, more can be read here and here

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    how strange, i just googled kodi as someone i know mentioned putting it on a firestick and i had never heard of it before!!