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    Gonna start thinking about a new build for his year hopefully. Currently looking at a z270 board what make i don't know hopefully with the new intel x chips the 7700k will be a bit cheaper.
    as to gpu do i go for a 1070 or a 1080?
    currently i have a Samsung 256gb ssd but i need a bigger 2nd drive as i have an old cuda 80gb so should I get 2nd ssd or a larger hdd or with the new mb a m.2
    so confusing. Also I'd like o go for a AIO loop so suggestions on that and do i go for just cpu or cpu + gpu loop or do i do for 2 separate loops?!?!

    Thanks much in advance

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    Yo yo Ben, the MB bundle I got was this

    Obviously I went for the custom water cooling but you could opt for the AIO, great MB and processor with 32Gb DDR4 can't go wrong!

    As for GPU, depends on your budget mate, 1070 is great fromwhat I hear, but if you have cash to spare then 1080 or 1080ti are an option

    I'm not overly sure you can get an AIO for the GPU so standard fan cooling will be what it comes with, you're only option for Water is a custom build, which if you don;t fancy doing your self OC will do for you, tellthem what you want and they will build the system and custom water cooling loop to order!

    They work fine on the same loop, I run that CPU and the 1080ti on mine without any issues

    Oh as for SSD, get an M.2 Samsung EVO 960 500Gb are great, costly but well worth it!


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      Hey thanks, spoke to Pleb and he says as the games I play don't demand a hi end gpu go for a 1060 as the most demanding game i play is probably ARK. Was looking at a fast 2nd hard drive as I have a samsung 850 256gb as primary. But reviews say the M.2s are good but like you said expensive. Gonna wait a bit and see wha happens with the prices as the x series cpus are out and hopefully the 7700k will come down in price! CHEAP SKATE :P
      Speak soon and thanks