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Can we change some of the server settings?

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  • Can we change some of the server settings?

    More of use are starting to cave in and play ark but we are very different to most of the servers. The main thing being the flow of gameplay just look through the server browser we see servers packed with people and it links to one thing, the speed in which they may progress through the game. names of servers ending in "gathering x5" or "low taming time" because let's face it we don't want to sit there for 30 mins taming a small level 12 dino or spending hours and hours on end getting enough resources to build a house of wood and not thatch.

    Also on the topic of building a house may I address the situation of boats. my endeavor in this game lead to me wanting to build a waterborne base so I can travel with all my stuff and respawn near by to where I died but I can't even finish building the roof because of restrictions on building on a "platform". I took the liberty to looking if this setting can be changed and it can. So please can someone sort out these settings so we don't have to grind and make this more friendly to new players.

    Boat Building Limit:
    This link has all commands available and is helpful:

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    Got sunday off so we can get some changes made then.


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      Set boat build limit to 10 high(needs tested)
      Set Tame to 5X
      Enabled Battleye


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        1/2 resources replenish time
        Also respawned all wild dino's